/spark in space

Amazing footage from a drone flown over an abandoned nuclear reactor cooling tower.

Porter Robinson - Flicker

How would you describe your new upcomming album if I may ask? :)


It starts somewhere and takes you somewhere else. It goes from euphoric and pop to emotional and widescreen.

I love my mutt.

still awake in a world
at the end of its night
young love, like ours 
will not survive this night

does it burn as bad
does it burn as bad for you?
cause it’s real, and it’s here 
and it’s flowing through our veins
building in our bones

Team Me - The All Time High

We believe in true sensations, the all time high. Doesn’t really matter how hard we may try… we still lose.

††† - †elepa†hy (D W N T W N Remix)

"As long as you play my game, I’ll let you win."

Little Daylight - Mona Lisa [St. Lucia Remix]

Baby, I know you’re into it
Chasing a love you’ll never get
She’s playing your heart just a little bit
Your Mona Lisa, your Mona Lisa
Well, she’s got a game you’ll never win,
The key to your heart she holds within
She’s leaving you outside looking in,
Your Mona Lisa, your Mona Lisa

That synth…

Polarsets - Madrid

"I Want to Die."

"I Want to Die."